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Friday Morning: Tech Palooza

Show Your Team YOUR IMPACT on Technology Success with Eaglesoft

Speaker: Mary Horvath

During this session you will discover ways to work smarter with your technology software!
Learn methods that will empower you to be more efficient, save time and experience the power of automating your routine tasks with your Eaglesoft software.

Dentrix Reports Every Practice Should Run Regularly

Speaker: Dayna Johnson

Do you know which reports to run to find the information you need in Dentrix? Did you know that you can create custom reports to find specific information that may not be available in pre-set reports?

Secrets to Get Patients in the Door, in Chairs, and Build Relationship Loyalty!

Speaker: Amy Logan Parrish

Attracting and retaining patients is a lot of work for you and your team—but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll show you how technology can assist you in your marketing efforts, help busy patients remember their appointments, and build their loyalty to your practice by automatically staying in touch all year long.

Patient Engagement – Making it all Come Together

Speaker: Debra Englehardt-Nash

Be honest, do you ever feel like your patient’s needs are changing faster than your practice?  Gaining new patients, delighting them while in your office, and keeping them wanting to come back for more is the challenge that only the very best practices win.

The Generational Shift: The Office Manager's Guide to Understanding Millennial Patients in 2021

Speaker: Mike Buckner

Millennials are now the majority of the workforce today and, with that shift, comes a higher expectation for healthcare providers to stay current with the latest technology trends, especially when it comes to communicating with their patients.

RevenueWell Masterclass: Patient Acquisition, Retention and Growth

Speakers: Demetria Wright, Jena Pender, Steve Diogo

Yesterday’s marketing doesn’t work for today’s patients. In this Master Class, you’ll learn the proven techniques behind the most successful patient acquisition, retention and activation campaigns.

Marketing Masterclass: Go from Guesswork to Game Plan!

Speaker: Angela Byrnes and Whitney Speir

When it comes to identifying marketing priorities, the struggle is real. You have a ton on your to-do list and the world of online marketing is constantly changing. Well, the struggle is over – this in-depth marketing masterclass is designed to help you walk away with a ready-to-implement customized marketing GAME PLAN!

EVOLVE Your Impact

Speaker: Kristen Brown

Uncover your inner spark, manage this energy real time, and spread your positive vibes to everyone around you using the EVOLVE Well-Being Blueprint!

Managers: What Would You Do?

Facilitator: Teresa Duncan, MS, FAADOM

Ever wondered what other managers would do if they were in your shoes? Wonder no more! This session will feature a panel discussion along with group interaction to discover how practice leaders can improve their systems.

Dental Assistant to Practice Administrator Track

Speakers: Kevin Henry and Tija Hunter, CDA

Dental Assistants are often cross trained in the role of Office Manager or Practice Administrator. Due to the physical nature of the position, many DAs choose to transition full time to the front office. The DA to PA track at AADOM21 is designed for anyone who is being cross trained or considering making a move to the role of Practice Administrator.

Friday Afternoon: Industry Update Breakouts

Employee Engagement and Setting High Standards

Speaker: Tiana Starke

At CEDR, we focus primarily on assisting our members when they have to make complicated, legally compliant employment decisions. Still, we place almost as much emphasis on the “soft skills” involved in human resource management because, at the end of the day, the common denominator connecting all threads in the HR tapestry is human beings.

Delivering W.O.W. Service! People Will Forget Everything Except How You Made Them Feel!

Speaker: Judy Kay Mausolf

Research shows that practices that build their office environment around serving the patient own and dominate the market. Customer service is often confusing, complex and vague! “I’m satisfied” means nothing in today’s world. Set yourself apart from your colleagues: differentiate why you and your office are not the office down the street!

How to Love Participating with PPOs or at Least Like Them as a Friend

Speaker: Christi Billquist

You’ve been there… on hold with an insurance company trying to get to someone who can help you. You spend a lot of your time working with several aspects of patients’ insurance, and it can oftentimes be frustrating.

Killing the Drama, Leading with Love: The Path to a Purpose-Driven Workplace

Speaker: Tonya Lanthier

The most successful and productive practices have leaders who lead with purpose, love and consciousness. Culture, limiting beliefs, fears, genetics and sexuality all shape our behaviors and thoughts. These can either drive our success or impede us from becoming our best selves.

Forget About Running Reports. Focus on This Instead

Speaker: Steve Jensen

Reports have you worn out? Does Office Manager life have you worn out? This powerful session with Dental Intelligence’s Steven Jensen will help you sift through the noise of managing a busy practice and focus on what matters most.

The Ultimate OM Superpower: Membership Plans

Speaker: Dave Monahan and Julia Popovich

Office managers are the everyday heroes of a dental practice–you are an advocate for your patients, leader of your team, and an integral part of boosting practice performance. Every hero has their superpowers, and the ultimate superpower of the office manager hero is a membership plan.

Pearls of Wisdom from Your Friends at the ADA

Speakers: Shameka Walls & Dennis McHugh

As an office manager, you may wear many hats – scheduler, HR manager, accountant, customer service rep, record keeper, compliance officer, financial consultant . . . sometimes all in the same day. We recognize how difficult it can be to juggle all these roles, so we want to make it easier for you to accomplish everything you need to do during your day and set yourself up for success.

Cracking the Millennial Code: Why Your Practice will Fail if You Fail to Embrace the Millennial Generation

Speaker: Ryan Vet

The largest generational cohort of all time to descend upon the USA is the Millennial generation. Often accused of extreme laziness, utterly entitled and living at home until age 35, the Millennials are so often misunderstood. 

30 Days to 30 Seconds: How to Streamline Your Insurance Interactions

Speaker: John Schaak

What could you accomplish for your practice if you had more time? Find out how digital connectivity tools can give you back hours – and days – of time in managing transactions and tasks with dental insurers.

Friday Afternoon: Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote - Fit to Lead: Your Body, Your Mind, Your TEAM

Speaker: Dr. Uche Odiatu

An invigorating session geared to give the manager strategies on how they can eat soundly, exercise regularly & develop a fitness mindset. The research shows that physically-active professionals and CEO’s have better cognitive ability and more zest for life than their inactive counterparts.