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OM101 - Up Close and Personal

Speaker: Melanie Duncan, FAADOM

Are you a new office manager or are you new to dentistry in general? Our Office Manager 101 session might be just what you need!

AADOM LIVE Course - Recognized Benefits/Insurance Coordinator

Speaker: Teresa Duncan, MS, FAADOM

Are you responsible for handling the insurance processes in your practice? Why not become an AADOM Recognized Insurance/Benefits Coordinator as part of our certificate program?

AADOM LIVE Course - Recognized Treatment Coordinator

Speaker: Dana Watson, FAADOM

Let’s journey through the first 30 days of your managerial career! How will you manage your peers? What reports do you need to run? So many questions! We’ll help you start off on the right foot in this fun session.

AADOM LIVE Course - Recognized HR Coordinator

Speakers: Paul Edwards, Michelle Richard, Tiana Starke

Do you oversee the day to day functions of human resources in your practice? Have you considered becoming an AADOM Recognized HR Coordinator as part of our certificate program?

AADOM LIVE Course - Recognized Hygiene Coordinator

Speaker: Rachel Wall, RDH, BS

We all know how challenging it can be to manage the hygiene schedule, but also how beneficial it is to the practice when it’s done correctly. If you want to feel more comfortable with managing the hygiene schedule in your practice, why not become an AADOM Recognized Hygiene Coordinator as part of our certificate program?

Dental Spouse Business Network Full Day Retreat

Dr. Ross Nash and Debra Engelhardt-Nash

Exclusively for dental spouses and dentists.

“Yes, Dear”
Building the Practice Together

Working with your spouse surely has an impact on your personal relationship and your business. It means understanding the challenges and appreciating successes in way that can only be understood by someone working in the same practice.